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30 Aug 2019 | Categories: News, Staff News

By Andy Hughes | Somerset Larder Chef |

How I Balance My Working and Family Life

“Working in the catering industry has always resulted in a fraught work-life balance.  In previous roles I have worked more than 60 hour weeks without getting paid overtime, worked split shifts, evenings and weekends and have had very little time to maintain a balance in my family life, health and welfare.  Since joining Somerset Larder three years ago I have been able to regain that balance, I am contracted to work just under 40 hours a week, fixed days and very rarely work evenings and weekends.  Any overtime I do, I get paid which enables me to make choices about working additional hours to benefit myself and support my family.

“I have four children aged 4, 7, 9 and 11 who I now get to spend more time with.  I plan activities, social events and home time with my children and friends and I am always able to stick to them.  I spend more time with my partner and any problems that arise are resolved quickly as I am home every evening.  My health has improved significantly, I have lost more than two and half stone by going to the gym and I train regularly, enabling me to compete in boxing matches. 

“I used to struggle with my health and had to visit the doctor often but now I rarely go, my mental health has also benefitted from working at Somerset Larder as a result of feeling less stressed and I am less angry as a result of feeling well rested.  All in all, I would say that I am very lucky to work for a company which treats its employees work life fairly and focuses on employee welfare, it is fundamental in driving my passion and performance at work as well as my happiness at home”.