Dragon Days

24 Sep 2019 | Categories: Events, News, Staff News

By Suzann Downey | HR Co-Ordinator | Dragon Boat Racer

Dragon boat racing is a fun filled, adrenaline pumping, water sports activity. Teams compete in boats which are large canoe-like vessels, fitted with ornately carved dragon’s heads and tails. Crews of up to 16 people sit in pairs and paddle to compete in multiple timed races over distances of around 250m. Each boat has a drummer beating time to keep the paddlers in unison and a professional helms-person in the stern to guide the boat.

My sport is dragon boat racing and I have just come back from nationals in Nottingham, where my club Exe-Calibre came away with three trophies: one first and two thirds in different heats.

I took up the sport last October and love every minute of it. I train down in Exeter on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with the option on going on Sundays. It is a great way to meet people, to become part of a family and to have great fun. It’s hard work but very rewarding.

We are contactable via Facebook, everyone and anyone is welcome to have a go! Watch a video of us here  – you can see us paddling up to the start line (I am at the back on the right.)


The team last weekend