Welcome to our Cups page.

We at South West Larder, Somerset Larder and White Feather are working together to reduce the waste we send to landfill.

Our cups will be distributed to those working at:

  • Hinkley Point C
  • Hinkley Campus
  • Sedgemoor Campus
  • SDC (SEIC)

Cleaning your cups:

  1. Wash Stations have been installed in the EAST, West and South restaruant areas, so you can rinse out your cup and reuse when required
  2. You will also have the ability to return your cup to forth coming designated points in each location.
    • Note: each cup returned will mean another cup will be available to collect and use when required
  3. The cups are dishwasher safe

Why is this happening?

Our aim is to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill everyday.

With the reduction of waste going to landfill this will also help us in reducing our carbon footprint.

What will happen to the money collected from takeaway cup purchases?

With affect from January 2023 any takeaway cup purchased with have an additional 20p added to the price.

Subsequent funds from this additional cost will be made available via our new Environmental Fund for local businesses, Schools, Colleges and Charities.

The conditions of forth coming funds will be made available at a later date.