Helping Our Farmers

17 Aug 2020 | Categories: News, Product News

Supporting Local Agricultural and Farming Sectors

We believe that sourcing our ingredients locally provides huge benefits to local producers. Here are the ways in which we support our community:

Volume of Catering

To date, Somerset Larder has served 3,375,972 meals at the main HPC site

Currently we use more than:

  • 40,000 eggs and 30,000 local sausages every month
  • 2,000 slices of bread every day.
  • Our trained local baristas are serving in excess of 13,000 coffees from our four coffee shops and restaurants every month
  • 33,000 teas and self serve beverages.
  • Training is conducted in the south west and the coffee beans are roasted locally with a direct relationship with the producers/growers.

Local Supply:

  • To date, Somerset Larder has spent £16.67m on UK products and services – this will be more than £36m by project end.
  • 95.25% of this spend is in the south west and more than £8.71m has been spent using Somerset based companies and producers.
  • A total of 271 suppliers have been used to date and currently 96 are used on a monthly basis.
  • 66.44% of this spend is on food products and producers.

Local Employment:

  • Somerset Larder directly employs 176 staff, more than 95% of which are SW & Somerset born/long term residents.
  • 50% of our managers and 81% of our staff are female


We have removed all non-recyclable Somerset Larder produced packaging and to project end date will remove more than 2m single use cups from our operations.